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Laughing Bird Caye is approximately 13 miles (21 km) from Placencia. Placencia contains what many consider to be the finest beaches in Belize. Sitting at the end of a 16 mile (25 km) long skinny peninsula, Placencia village once was a small fishing village, but is now a popular resort town.

Laughing Bird Caye is probably the single most popular day trip from Placencia. The island is what many consider the perfect tropical paradise - sand, palm trees, free of flies and surrounded by shallow coral reef perfect for snorkeling or diving.

You must hire a boat and guide out of Placencia. The costs range from $40US up to $100US depending on the services offerred. It is easy to mix diving, snorkeling and island exploration. Lunch can be as simple as a packed picnic on the island, or as fancy as a barbecue on the beach between dives.

You can get more information on visiting Laughing Bird Caye National Park by calling the Friends of LaughingBird Caye at 501-523-3565 or you can use the online form below.

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